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Contact our consultants for support and management of  any of the conditions below:

  • Backache: Most of us suffer from backache resulting from different causes such as poor postures, long sitting and standing, and the type of jobs we are engaged in. Sometimes the pain might present in form of numbness, feelings like pinsand needles are poking your skin or other sensations on your thighs and feet. Fact is, the chairs we sit on and the beds we lie on could destroy our backs. Virtualphysio.org will guide you on suitable chairs and beds for you after a thorough evaluation and assessment.
  • Aching and heaviness of the neck might be due to the wear and tear around the neck bones resulting in Neck pain. Poor postures and weak support form muscles of the neck can also be the cause of neck pain. People with neck pain might also suffer from weak grips and pin and needle sensations of the fingers. You may need physiotherapy for a remedy.
  • Painful Shoulders of an unknown origin and cause are quite common. They sometimes become so stiff and painful such that you are unable to perform your usual activities of daily living such as having your bath, or performing household chores. Simple tasks such as combing or brushing your hair become so painful. If this is a familiar experience, then contact org for help.
  • Most active persons suffer from Sprains around their joints and Strains of muscles. These could be quite painful and results in the inability to use the affected part of the body. Tenderness and swelling are common signs in strain and sprain. Please, do not massage a sprained joint or a strained muscle because there are different degrees or levels of sprain and strain which could be worsened by a massage. It is time to contact org for assessment and treatment
  • Arthritis in many forms is also a very common condition. These could be either Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis and other forms that are even found amongst children. Arthritis is common amongst the elderly. This is why these conditions are often described as taxes the body has to pay as a result of wear and tear due to aging. The multidisciplinary health team including podiatrists, physiotherapists, and dieticians can manage these and reduce the disability resulting from them.
  • Painful knees are very common. These are usually a sign of an underlying condition. Pain is a symptom of an ailment. The pain can either be felt in front, behind or on either side of the knee depending on the underlying condition. The knee might be swollen, red, or not. The knee might present with different deformities. A thorough examination might reveal an inner or outer deviation commonly referred to as ‘bow’ or ‘k’ knee. Please contact Virtualphysio.org for management
  • Spondylosis is a type of arthritis of the spin resulting in the loss of the natural cushioning of the spine. The bones of the vertebrae become deform and result in gross limitation of movement of the neck and back with pain radiating to the arms and legs. Nerves are also affected.
  • Stroke is a medical emergency and prompt treatment is crucial. Stroke is now so common and occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, thereby preventing some other part of the brain from receiving nutrients. The brain cells begin to die. Early action can reduce brain damage and other complications. Fewer people die of stroke now than in the past. Appropriate treatments can also help prevent disability from stroke. Reduction of risk factors and return to an active lifestyle and work after stroke could be ensured via org.
  • Obesity is complex and commonly referred to as overweight. Obesity increases our risk of other health conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases of lifestyle.
  • Please avoid the disabling impact of lung and respiratory impairment. Contact org. for diseases of the lungs such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders for effective rehabilitation and management. We shall arrange for appropriate tests to assist with the rehab plans.
  • Our consultants can arrange for general and specific rehabilitation for school health, mines, and other industries. We can assist organisation plan and develop a comprehensive rehab programme.
  • Workplace Ergonomics: we offer skilled services to individuals and groups for the management and prevention of body and joint aches resulting from posture at work.
  • Occupational Health: Work-related productivity could be enhanced as a result of improved practice and hygiene through physiotherapy.

Physical Therapy Evaluation Form

You are required to complete and upload any of these files when you are booking your appointment for treatment:

PDF File: VirtualPhysio Initial PT Evaluation

Microsoft Word File: VirtualPhysio Initial PT Evaluation WORD